First time puppy owner! 
I strongly recommend Silverhawk Dobermans to anyone looking to purchase this breed. My fiance and I have been having a wonderful experience with our new playful, intelligent, obedient and loyal puppy Apollo. We were initially nervous about having him air shipped to Connecticut; although Silverhawk made the experience for us and the transition for Apollo quite pleasant. The breeder showed great concern and care for our pup throughout the entire process, which completely convinced us we had made a great decision in purchasing from Silverhawk. Our new pup has visited the vet for his first check up and passed with flying colors! Thanks for all your support Silverhawk!!! 

Reviewer: Javier, July 3, 2007  CT.  

 First time doberman owner 
My husband and I just bought a black/tan male from the Silverhawk Kennel. My husband grew up with dobermans and I only heard horror stories about them ( despite what my husband had said about his). I decided to get him one for his birthday and after months of searching for the right one, by mistake I stumbled upon Silverhawk. When we went to pick up Brutus, I was suprised about how friendly all of the dobermans were and it instantly changed what I had heard about them. They were the most lovable dogs. I love mine to death. i would recomend Silverhawk to anyone that was looking for a doberman. ---Trasia & Lee 

Reviewer: Lee & Trasia, May 2, 2007   KY 

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Long Distance Friends!

On May 25th, 2007 my life changed for the better.  It was the date my wife and I picked up our precious Lilly (Black Female).  Prior to obtaining the telephone number for Silverhawk’s I would call breeder after breeder in the hopes of finding one that had the patience and experience to answer my Doberman questions – and trust me I like to be informed… After the first telephone call with Beth, I asked my wife if we could travel to Indiana to get a dog, as I knew I had found our breeder!  Once Beth informed us that Lilly was born, I was updated on a daily basis as to her well-being and progress.  Beth would send pictures every week to appease my excitement.  Around the seventh hour of our 600 mile trip to pick up Lilly, I began to question why we bought a pup so far away.  When I crossed the covered bridge and pulled down the long driveway to the beautiful country estate, I was reminded why.  Through my interactions with Beth prior to picking up Lilly, I felt the need to give her a hug as soon as I got out of the truck.  Lilly is our pride and joy!  She is a beautiful Doberman, and we receive compliments on her daily.  She is large for a female, which is exactly what we wanted.  She is socialized and loves people, well except for anyone around our home at night – again just what we wanted.  She is a love bug, great with kids, loves being near you, but when she feels that her home is threatened, she acts exactly like a Doberman should.  In fact, we are so happy with Silverhawk’s Lillian VonKimberchamp (AKC name) that we will be making the 600 mile trip to add a red male to our family in a year or two.  I would STRONGLY recommend a dog from Beth and Donnie!  If you would like to call me personally and discuss my recommendation, I would be more than happy to speak with you (716) 982-6141
Feb 18th 2008- Nate & Ruth New York

​UPDATE- Nate and Ruth returned in 2012 for 2 more of our babies  !! Phoenix and Willow 
Beth and Donnie,

 I am so happy with Axel,  
I really can't express it in words.  I'm out here on vacation in Maine  right now with my girlfriend, we've been traveling with him and he is  an absolute ace.  He is completely comfortable in a canoe, on an  airplane or in a car.  Is this normal with Dobermans?  he is almost 30 pounds now.  He is really the perfect dog and  
he blows my mind daily.  He knows sit, shake, come, lay down, go, go  to (person), up, down, etc., and I really have not had to work that  
hard to teach him all of these commands.  He has nearly learned watch and patrol.  I hope my review on Google captured what excellent  
breeding stock you guys are dealing with.  I really couldn't be  happier.  I'll send some pics soon.  Are you going to have any puppies  
available soon?  I would really like to get a female for my  girlfriend, as she travels alone as part of her job I worry about her alot.  I would consider getting an older Dobe perhaps, as long as it  is young enough it could still bond to her.

Anyway, thanks again guys.  I really think you're doing a great thing  breeding such great dogs.  Axel has honestly made my life better in  
every way.  He is  the best,  most loyal dog in the world.  Please let me know if you guys can find  
the review on Google (I want to make sure it is "world" accessible),  

Thanks again,
Trent - Law Student - IN.-June 2008

"I chose to go with Silverhawk Dobermans immediately after speaking with Beth. She was friendly, informative and extremely knowledgable about the breed. In fact Beth chose our dobie for us as we were coming from Michigan and could not visit to make our choice. I asked her to choose us a sweet, friendly, and affectionate pup. She described our baby as very vocal and not afraid to let you know what he wants and that description could not be more accurate. Murphy is the biggest baby and has to be with us at all times and crys whenever he wants anything, I have never seen a dog with human traits and we are completely and totally in love with him. The drive was worth it, and we plan to make the trip again to pick another addition to our family soon."

Kim Bode - July 8 2008  MI


On June 19Th 2008, Panzer, the love of my life arrived in my arms. I am a first time Doberman owner and I have to say he is even better then I imagined. I first began talking to Beth back in September of 2006 about being a doberman owner, and I have to say she was so helpful and so professional and you could tell just by her voice and her knowledge she had an unexplainable love for the breed. I did a lot of research on doberman and how to get a great breeder and  it all lead me to SilverHawk Dobermans. Beth was such a sweetheart and was so helpful with my questions and just talking to me. I consider Beth and SilverHawk as a close friend even though we never met. I will always hold them dear to my heart as well as my beautiful black and tan male ''Panzer". Thank you for the gift of so much joy. If you are missing something in your life get a puppy, but  if you want a magnificent, intelligent, healthy dog; call Beth and get you a Silverhawk Doberman

if you have any doubts call me anytime and I will lay all them to rest

Thank you so much Beth!!!!

Josh Stone 505-609-3048
Ignacio Colorado

I wanted to thank you for breeding such beautiful Dobermans. On November 1st of 2008, my brother and I made the short trip from Chicago to pick up my first Doberman, Caesar. I grew up with Dobermans in the extended family and have always had a love for them but never had one of my own. My first dog, one I could call my own, was a Rottweiler, an affectionate, loving and smart dog, very similar to Caesar so far. When he passed away 3 1/2 years ago, at the age of 12, it created a large void and for the first time in my life, I didn't have a dog. My new Doberman, Caesar, has filled that void, and I couldn't be happier. He's amazing, absolutely beautiful, smart and a quick learner(although he seems to know when he can get away with something). Everyone loves him, my family, everyone in my building who's met him, and my co-workers when he goes to the firehouse with me for our 24 hour shift. I get compliments on him from passers by almost daily and if they don't say anything they're smiling, even once from someone driving by in a car, and believe it or not, the mailman. He's 5 months old now, just lost his last puppy tooth the other day, and his ears are standing perfectly. He's starting to look more and more like his dad, Champ. Thank you also, Beth, for all the help you've provided. It's very comforting to know that when I have a question, it's always answered within 12 hours, most of the time the same day. I highly recommend you and Silverhawk Dobermans to anyone wanting to purchase one of these beautiful dogs. You could bet that if it was practicle for me, I'd be down there in late May to pick up another male, red this time, from Champ's March litter.  
Thanks again-
Chris and Caesar            
It goes with a Great amount of pleasure to write a  review about our 
experience with Silverhawk Dobemans..First it should be said that it is very 
obvious and with out any doubt  that  Donnie and Beth Short Love what they 
do! I set out on a mission to make a dream of my husbands come true, to own 
a doberman. Silverhawks was the first Breeder I looked at and to be very 
honest .I looked no further, I knew I had found the people I wanted my 
husbands dobie to come from. Our boy Zeus is  the love of our Families life , he came to us at 11 weeks 
old already filled with love, spirit and in our opinion of great 
intellegance he continues to impress us every single day! and that is why we 
are in the process of getting our second boy from Silverhawk Dobermans ,We 
are asked everyday "where did  you get that beautiful dobe" and we never 
hesitate to tell people" Silverhawk Dobermans," Indiana the "only place to 
get a true  Dobe" ! feel free to email us for any further info about our 
wonderful experience with Silverhawk Dobermans.  P.S  All the Kids say "Hi" 

   Larry and Nicole   Ont. Canada 

Jackson, our 9 month full of play Dobe, has brought so much energy and laughter into our home I could not ask for a better gift to life.  Prior to contacting Beth Short from Siverhawk Dobermans, my fiancé and I did our homework on the breed and breeders around our area. Having a Doberman growing up as a child, I have always loved their kind heartedness and loyal nature. Making many calls to local breeders, there seemed to have been a lack of confidence with those around us. When we decided to go outside of Illinois and call Beth, as soon as she answered the phone I knew that we had found the right breeder. Beth and I talked on the phone for close to an hour where I had asked her every question under the sun from the breed, gender, her work background, and experience.  After talking with her I can came to find out that Beth was a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable, and beyond passionate about her job, her dogs, and the well being of the family and new puppy dynamic.  I was never once afraid to pick up the phone and call Beth whenever I had a question prior to and after signing our contract, let alone my fiancé was ecstatic with her honesty, concern, and response. It was very difficult picking out which puppy we wanted, but Beth was more than patience with our stay.  In fact, my fiancé and I are so pleased with our experience with Beth that  we’ve already talked about getting another puppy from her in a year or two…once Jackson is a little bit older. The four hour drive from our place to Beth’s was well with every trip we made to see her and the dogs. I would make all the trips over again in a heartbeat. Jackson is the most loveable puppy I’ve ever had, and he’s quite the ladies man.  He loves nothing more than to cuddle up with you on the couch or to play around in the backyard. He is one ball of energy that just loves to love you. If you have any concerns or questions about Silverhawk Dobermans and their puppies please feel free to call me at 630 370 2414. 

Thank you so much Beth!

Jamie and Matt
​UPDATE- Matt and Jamie returned in 2012 for another baby - a full sister to Jackson, sweet Prada ! Jackson loves his baby sister.
I serve as an Orthodox Priest in the Ukrainian Orthodox (Yes just like Greek and Russian Orthodox) Church in Syracuse NY and reside in a beautiful rectory which sits on 68 acres of land with my wife and four year old daughter. For years I have been preparing to buy a Doberman puppy. Doing the research, reading books, watching training videos, speaking to breeders.  

About a year ago I spoke to Beth Short of Silverhawk Dobermans and I was really impressed with her love and knowledge of her dogs and the Doberman breed. She was really friendly and was willing to answer any and all questions honestly and truthfully!  It was than that I made a decision to get my puppy from Silverhawk Dobermans and am I ever glad that I did!

I finally received my pup (which Beth thoughtfully arranged to be driven to me in Syracuse NY) on Sunday the 23rd of January 2011.  he dog arrived in excellent condition, well taken care off, clean, shiny coat with all the promised literature, food and instructions. The ears perfectly cropped, the tail nicely docked!  As soon as I laid my eyes on the pup it was love at first sight.  We called the puppy Indiana and she is such a joy! Within two weeks (10 weeks old) she knew how to walk on a leash, sit, the down command, quietly and patiently wait for her food, let us change her ear posts without any protest.  Even more importantly Indiana has been great with my 4 year old daughter and with my parishioners who often stop by the rectory.  My 4 year old and Indi have become the best of friends and love jumping around both inside and outdoors.  As an added bonus the puppy is gorgeous.  I mean, she is REALLY a head turner.  I have lost track of how many compliments I have received walking this dog.

A few weeks ago at 13 weeks old I had Indi evaluated by a professional dog trainer and was told me that she is a laid back pup who will make a wonderful family pet but will also do well at personal protection work!  The vet has also given the puppy an eval. and informed me that she is a perfect picture of health and energy.  

Finally I can't say enough about the support and time that Beth has given me as I go through the first few weeks with the puppy.  I was on the phone with Beth Short so much in the first two weeks that I don't know how she found time for anything else.  Beth always took the time to answer every question thoroughly and always got back to me within the same day.  I wish buying my last car was as easy and pleasant as buying this puppy!  

Our whole family is grateful to Beth for her professional, caring approach and thankful to God for adding this wonderful puppy to our family!   

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at:


or drop me an email at

Rev. Borislav Kroner

March 2011
We are just a few days away from his 1st Birthday. Oh how gorgeous he is.

What sets Keeper apart: his kind and loving spirit. A pregnant beagle joined our mountain ride yesterday. When we stopped, she stopped. When we began our trip downhill, she couldn't keep up. Keeper kept running back to check on her and continued to monitor her progress all the way home.

He is vigilant but not overly aggressive. He just keeps everything under watch.

Every day and every night that we spend with Keeper is a day to remember. He is our best friend, our favorite friend. He is our life.

Thank you Beth for making this fabulous dear "person" for our world. If the whole world could be like Keeper, we would need no laws, no guns, and there would be no evil.

Roslyn Piechal 2013